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Have a passion to blog and maybe spin a ball. What are you waiting for?

Follow the guidelines below and pen down a smash down the line!


Journal for Sports Law, Policy and Governance invites guest contributions to its blog: Extra-Cover. Offers for contributions are welcome from early career researchers, policy-makers, senior academics, lawyers, practitioners and students.


Blog posts could cover any area of Sports Law with an element of explanation and analysis of the development of a legal issue in a succinct manner. It will also attempt to seek contributions which are not strictly scholarly (can be sports policy and governance oriented) but are interesting to read and research upon. For that matter, the blog will feature the latest updates, news analysis, opinions, legislative critiques and enlightening stories from the world of sports law, all in one place.

We are currently accepting submissions for our blog on a rolling basis. If you wish to publish your views on our blog, please email them to with the subject:


“Submissions for Blog_Name of the Blog_ Your Name”.

If you would like your blog piece to include a photo and a short biography, please include this information separately in your submission email.

The Peer-Review Editors may, in their absolute discretion, waive any of the above rules or amend this process.

Extra-Cover prides itself on the legacy of the JSLPG Sports Law Journal and will not publish a blog-post if we (The Peer-Review Board) are not satisfied that it is of sufficiently high quality, both in terms of presentation and argument, under any circumstances.


The Eight Commandments

  • Interested contributors are requested to send their respective articles in .doc/.docx format.

  • Posts should have informative titles from which a reader can tell what the post is about.

  • The word limit for a post is 1000-1500 words (Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12, Line Spacing: 1.5).

  • Posts should be clear and concise, leaving out excessive jargon and flowery verbiage. Posts which are submitted must be thoroughly proofread and must conform to good/accepted norms of legal academic/blog style.

  • Editorial Board is flexible in accepting longer posts, but they will be published in parts. A short excerpt describing the core issue dealt in the main body should be present along with blogpost.

  • Co-authorship is permitted up to two contributors. Authors are also permitted to crosspost on/from other blogs but with the prior permission of Editorial Board of Extra-Cover and the coordinator of other blog.

  • Contributors are expected to use hyperlinks instead of footnotes. They can use endnotes to cite those sources which cannot be accessed online.

  • Receipt of submissions shall be conveyed in 3 working days from the date of submission and the decision regarding the publication will be communicated within three weeks.


  • Extra-Cover© is an exclusive platform for curating quality sports law scholarship of contemporary relevance. Manuscripts/Blog-Pieces featured on Extra-Cover reflects the personal analysis/views/opinions of the authors and in no manner whatsoever represents the analysis/views/opinions of Extra-Cover, its Editors and other Associated Individuals/Entities.​

  • The sole purpose of Extra-Cover is to provide a pedestal to fresh voices in sports law and give a one-stop solution to access sports law educational content for the masses. Hence, viewer discretion is advised before construing the content on Extra-Cover as an expert legal opinion, for which qualified legal practitioners must be approached. Extra-Cover is hereby also absolved of any liability for the content and interpretation of the content offered on the Blog. We at Extra-Cover do not undertake any responsibility for the 'Intellectual Property' violations committed by Authors/Editors in their official or personal capacity, for which the sole liability lies with the respective violators.



  • Despite the strong undercurrents of political upheaval in the world, our commitment towards maintaining strong support to the marginalized communities, and our sustained efforts to give a pedestal to the unheard, the Extra-Cover gives the highest priority to neutral standards of publication sans the bias, political positioning, and ideological leanings.

  • We believe in the free exchange of ideas and thus critiques minus uncorroborated claims/vitriol are always welcomed as submissions. Extra-Cover is an open platform and if there is critical opprobrium regarding our publication process* and review policy**, we are always ready to lend our ears in mutually resolving such disputes with effective deliberation and constructive dialogue.

  • Our mandated goal is to bestow a liberalizing platform that caters to the highest standards of free speech and equal treatment to all voices. We also realize that such free speech must not be incompatible with the moral compass of our blog and the existing laws/policies of India. Hence, the team reserves the right to review any work in light of the misalignment but would not cater to any bias or positioning in such reviews.

  • In light of the above three free speech principles and our continued commitment towards marginalized individuals/communities, the Extra-Cover Blog does not encourage, promote or endorse any content/author/team-member that discriminate or disparage any person/group of persons based on religion, sex, caste, creed, race, gender, nationality or place of dwelling. Extra-Cover Blog and its team are not collectively responsible for any individual opinion made by authors/team-members in their personal capacity

  • Please be advised that any review/dispute raised on a purported violation of content policy/free speech guidelines will be undertaken at the end of the Extra-Cover team and its decision would be considered final to this effect. In case, if an author/team-member/related third party is of the opinion that the review/dispute was conducted impartially or in a biased manner, he/she/them can raise an appeal to the founders at through an email. The decision of the founders thereafter cannot be appealed further. In case of a dispute being escalated to any litigation (only) by author/team-member/related third party within the precincts of the Courts in India, the Extra-Cover Blog or its team members would not be held liable for the same or be prosecuted before any Court of law either individually or collectively for any content published on our blog in tune with our content policy/free speech guidelines. 

  • We do not publish, promote or endorse content on our blog, that is: ('The Abhorred 12')

  1. ​Spam 

  2. Terrorism 

  3. Unsolicited Advertisements 

  4. Defamation, including libel and slander 

  5. Fighting Words or Threats to Harm 

  6. Blackmail 

  7. Pornography 

  8. Indecency 

  9. Obscenity 

  10. Impersonation, Plagiarism, or Violations of Trademarks, Intellectual  Property

  11. Bribery or Criminal Solicitation

  12. Any other Unconstitutional/Illegal Speech 

  • Extra-Cover Blog is not a registered entity but we generally sign a Copyright Agreement form with the author/authors and hence the liability in case of an occurrence of 'The Abhorred 12' rests absolutely with the author/authors themselves. 

* The publication process is an internal document, available on request or in case of a review/dispute

**The review policy is an internal document, available on request or in case of a review/dispute

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