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The Inception, Legacy and the Operation of the CAS: A Collage of Pictographs

Updated: Sep 16, 2022


This special feature is a collage of pictographs on the origins, functioning and operations of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, International Council of Arbitration for Sport and the Permanent Commissions listed under Article S7 a. b. and c. The snapshot styled project has been conceptualized and penned by our Editorial Board Member Mr. Tarun Singh (L). The midas touch of artistry, dazzling design and the array of colours are the courtesy of Ms. Maulika K Hegde (R).

  • Mr. Tarun is an Assistant Professor (Research), Gujarat National Law University (GNLU), Gandhinagar. He is a member of the GNLU Centre for Sports and Entertainment Law (GCSEL) and was appointed by the Government of Gujarat as a member of the drafting committee of the Gujarat Sports Development Code. Tarun has a teaching and research experience of 5 years in the area of Sports Law. [LinkedIn]

  • Maulika K. Hegde Maulika has an undergraduate law degree from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) and has worked primarily as a tax lawyer. Now, she is an aspiring designer and is currently exploring typefaces, legal design and food history. Her interests include frame loom weaving and badminton. [LinkedIn]



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For easy accessibility of users, here is a downladble pdf version of the Images produced above.

CAS Snapshot: Presented by Tarun & Mauli
Download • 11.65MB


The authors can be reached for comments on their email at

Cite as: Tarun Singh & Maulika K. Hegde, The Inception, Legacy and the Operation of the CAS: A Collage of Pictographs, Extra-Cover: The Sports Law Blog of India (11th May 2021), Accessed at [Date of Access].


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