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Delve into the philosophy and legacy of Extra-Cover

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Are You Game!

The Journal of Sports Law, Policy and Governance, popularly known as the JSLPG is India’s first ambitious initiative towards a resilient and comprehensive database of home-grown scholarship on the synthesis of sports law, its exacting policies and the skewed governance that has marred the world of sports law in a battle where the odds are stacked against the sports-persons.

JSLPG has its home-turf at, a fully autonomous selector’s board based on a novel constitution and is surprisingly offered ‘free-over-the-internet’, a torrent-ous rarity in the global scholarly world. Not that we are bragging about it, but our current publisher, Hein Online, ensures that our readership is unrestrained by coteries, reaching to a wholesome lot of academic masses.

Phew! That Introduction Even Took Us For A Toss!

With what we have achieved in the past two years, the workload on the team is gradually ascending in leaps and bounds. The recent domestic season of peer-reviews has been a hectic affair for the ‘Team JSLPG’ but staying true to our mission statement and vindicating on the commitment concocted in the first issue of JSLPG; we are finally here with the new sibling of our journal, the Extra-Cover blog. The Extra-Cover Blog is a leading initiative of the JSLPG and is proudly patronized by National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam.

The decision to experiment with a sports law blog was neither a progeny of a domino effect or a technological malady but rather a sturdy underpinning of intellectual prudence, and a need felt towards greater inclusivity. To come out with a blog, in the aftermath of a successful outing with JSLPG was to give a sweeping rostrum to the budding scholarship that reflects upon the objectives of the initiative but still has to tread an enduring path to materialize its profuse potential.

Cutting the clutter, the Extra-Cover blog will feature the latest updates, news analysis, opinions, legislative critiques and enlightening stories from the world of sports law, all in one place.

One Open Platform And All You Cravings Are Answered.

Staying putt with the young guns on the cricket field, this blog will competently focus on sports law issues served in bite-sized articles for faster reading. JSLPG has in itself grown over the last two years since the concept was first discussed and we are proud to introduce this new format of publication keeping in mind the demands of the internet generation. (Yes, You Millennial's)

For the Extra Cover blog, we have a team of fresh new faces (To see our student board, click here) who would be working specifically for this blog and will edit and curate the posts for our editors, (To see our peer-review board, click here) leading to publication. As a young team raking up statistics, we expect them to confront a steep learning curve and we hope that you will help them to take up this challenge through your comments and suggestions.

As we get on to the match-turf, we need our panache players to take the centre-stage, pump up the crowd and get the match started. We have set our hopes on legacy players like you, and we believe that you are ready to join us. Send in your contributions and get them published on the blog. Please follow the guidelines before submitting to the blog.


Remember: We know that you want to hit the ball out of the park, but the scoreboard would appreciate if you can hit crisp cover drives through the Extra Cover.

Long talk short, let’s go 20-20 style!


The Editorial Team

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